We are thrilled to be welcoming our patients back, and want to let you know of the safeguards we have applied to our practice to help keep our staff and patients as safe as possible during the COVID 19 pandemic.

COVID screening systems of staff and patients

  • All staff are screened daily through temperature and symptom checks
  • Patients are screened 24 hours before appointment and at time of appointment
    – We will be asking if anyone in the household has displayed symptoms of COVID 19, not just the patient
    – We are rescheduling patients who have a fever over 100.4 or who have had a cough, fever, difficulty breathing, dermatologic changes, loss of taste/smell.
    – Follow up screening after the appointment will be performed per CDC and ADA Recommendations

Limiting Person to Person Contact

  • Staggered appointments to prevent patient to patient contact
  • Text/Digital Check in and Check out
  • Closed waiting room until further notice
  • Use of private operatories for all care during Phase I Re-opening
  • We respectfully ask that young patients be accompanied by only one adult, and older patients come in by themselves.
  • All non-related patients will be in chairs >6 ft apart during Phase II/III Re-opening
  • Plexiglass barriers at check-out

We are truly paperless (at least for the next few months)

  • All paperwork will need to be filled out online ahead of time
  • Patients will not be checking out at the front desk. Scheduling and financing will be over the phone

Enhanced PPE for all staff

  • Clinical staff are adhering to the highest level of protection as recommended by the CDC and OSHA – this includes increased mask protection (e.g, n-95s, ASTM 3 surgical masks)
  • Administrative staff are provided ASTM 3 surgical masks to wear at all times at the office

Enhanced Disinfection Procedures

  • In addition to our already strict adherence to CDC Guidelines regarding sterilization and infection control, we will be disinfecting operatories with biofriendly, “green” solution, HOCL. Never heard of it? Believe it or not, you’ve come into contact with already. It is used in grocery stores to disinfect produce , by airlines, cruise ships, and hospitals. It is also used in eye drops and wound care medicaments. Actually, our own white blood cells make it to fight infection!
  • Operatory rooms will be disinfected after each appointment, and 15 minutes additional time given for the additional cleaning procedures.
  •  All surface areas, door handles, and light switches will be disinfected regularly through the day
  • Increased air exchanges throughout office through standalone HEPA air purifiers in treatment rooms and common areas