It’s that time of year again, South Shore Trick or Treater’s  – Halloween and our Candy BuyBack are here!  Time to share some essential trick or treating tips to help keep teeth happy and healthy.

  1. It’s all about “what and when.”  Candies that wash off the teeth (chocolate (especially dark chocolate), smarties, m&m’s, etc.) should be enjoyed directly after meal times as a dessert.  Let your child pick one or two pieces at the end of lunch or dinner.
  2. Sticky, chewy candies and hard candies like jolly ranchers, skittles, starbursts (you get the idea!) cause the most damage to teeth. They will also pull off orthodontic appliances and sealants.
  3. Make sure the Halloween bag of candy is out of the house after a couple of days, earlier if possible. Avoid grazing or snacking on the candy bag throughout the day.  Eating or drinking sugar too many times in the day is a leading factor of tooth decay.
  4. Halloween is a late night for most kids, but don’t forget to take two minutes to brush and floss after all of the fun!
  5. If your child has a food allergy, be on the look out for a teal pumpkin, which indicates the house has a candy-free option as a treat.
  6. On that note, consider giving out stickers or other fun prizes instead of candy – take it from us, kids love prizes!
  7. Have a safe and magical Halloween, fortunately for dentists it only comes once a year…

Our Halloween Buy Back will be from November 1-4, bring in all that extra unneeded and cavity causing candy for a prize bag and a chance to win some great prizes!  Patients and non-patients are welcome, we will be donating the candy to Operation Gratitude.