Your Child’s First Cleaning Appointment

  • After making that first appointment, you may wish to prepare your child for his or her visit. There are many age appropriate books you can share with your child – e.g. Dora the Explorer’s “Show me your Smile” (available on Kindle) as well as the Berenstein Bears’ “Visit the Dentist.”
  • Parents are instrumental in guiding their child’s perception of the dentist – if you are nervous they may be nervous, but if you are excited, they will be, too!
  • Parents are always welcome in the operatory (exam room), but we ask that you give your child “center stage” so that our staff can start to establish a positive relationship with them.
  • Children often take advice from the dentist seriously, so we spend time reviewing healthy snack choices and oral hygiene tips, both of which can be reinforced at home. Feel free to ask questions!
  • You know your child best and may have questions or concerns. If so please call us at 781-659-7442.

Your Child’s First Filling Appointment

  • Here at Norwell Pediatric Dentistry, our doctors and staff have the tools and experience to make this first appointment a positive visit, using simple, friendly terms and playful interaction with your child. You may feel like you should prepare your child for this appointment, but the best way to prepare your child for the appointment is to leave the explanation up to us.
  • The dentist can review the treatment plan with you beforehand on the phone or at the beginning of the appointment if you have questions. We offer white fillings, silver fillings, white crowns, and silver crowns as possible restorative options.  We often recommend white fillings; however, there are instances where a silver filling may be a better and/or more affordable option.
  • Parents are welcome in the operatory for all appointments. Sometimes we ask parents to act as silent partners, so that their children can hear and interact with the dentist, as well as, allow them to establish a trusting relationship.
  • If your child is nervous please try to schedule a morning appointment if possible. Children can be overtired in the afternoon, especially if they are worried, and the appointment may not be as successful.
  • Feel free to bring a favorite cuddly toy or your child’s blanket with you.
  • The youngest patients can be incredibly amenable to treatment, and the ability to handle dental treatment varies from child to child, as dentists we are constantly amazed by them!