The doctors and staff seek to provide all of our patients with optimal oral health care.  Patients with special healthcare needs are evaluated individually to determine how best to make them comfortable in a dental clinic setting, and how to provide the best dental care possible.  If you are the parent or caretaker of a patient who has special needs, please take the time to fill out the attached questionnaire. This will help us know how to best prepare for your child’s visit, and provide your child with a more comfortable treatment setting. It will also allow us to establish strategies that will help your child. Please be as thorough as possible in your answers.

We have also attached a dental “Story Book” to review with your child, which pictorially reviews the cleaning appointment. You may notice that we have special terminology that is intended to put your child at ease. Please use these phrases and words.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns.